Report download: The Regenerative Revolution

By Guy Bigwood, FIEMA

5 mins

What do we need to do to create a renewed and regenerative approach to event planning?

Enter the Regenerative Revolution - a new paradigm for event management, powered by Marriott International.

Regenerative events have a focus on quality, effectiveness, harmony and wellness. They are circular by design aiming for energy, natural resources and materials to be conserved, enriched, reused, recycled and used to enhance equitable development. They design out waste and pollution, and improve resilience by increasing diversity, inclusivity and equality. They also focus on regenerating and rejuvenating natural systems and communities.

A framework on how to design, plan and organize events

This report shares ideas, principles and success stories from the events and other industries with a goal to inspire the reader to action. Our research draws upon inspiration and ideas from the realms of nature-inspired design (biophilia, biomimicry), indigenous wisdom, and the principles of the circular economy. This inspiration from nature and living systems thinking has motivated us to develop an experimental framework for regenerative event design and management, called Hannuwa.

Discover how you can transition to more regenerative and circular event management - where event planning, resourcing, procurement and production are
sustainably designed around human wellbeing.

The 'great reset' for the global business events industry

The COVID-19 crisis had a profound and disastrous impact on our society and industry.
The Regenerative Revolution report explores and asserts that for the global meetings and events industry to recover, flourish and thrive in a future world, we must resist the temptation of adopting COVID-19 recovery strategies based on a wish to return to the ‘normal’ of the past.

The global meetings and events community can use the pandemic as a 'great reset' to rethink, reimagine and redesign a new restorative, resilient, inclusive and zero carbon growth model. By doing so we can restore and rejuvenate the planet, its people and create a heathier economy, rather than seeking to sustain what no longer functions.

This deep cultural and systemic transformation requires a paradigm shift in beliefs, values and business models. We as an industry can evolve, and transition to a new cultural and economic system that values nature, stops taking it for granted and recognises that we depend on nature more than nature depends on us. This shift will enable heightened resilience when faced with the further risks of climate change, biodiversity collapse and social unrest. We call it the Regenerative Revolution. 

Far from pushing the sustainability agenda to the bottom of the list, the current state of the world makes the business case for immediate action more urgent than ever.

Using case studies, survey data and insights from big thinkers, this report shows how the circular economy can help rebuild a resilient and regenerative global events industry. Download the report now!

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About the author

For the last 17 years, Guy has been delivering award-winning consulting services focused on helping cities, governments, corporations and associations step up, scale up and speed up their sustainability programmes and regenerative practices. Guy’s pioneering work has been recognised with 22 sustainability awards including the Events Industry Council Pacesetter Award, and recognition as a Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.

Guy Bigwood, FIEMA

Chief Changemaker and CEO