Report download: Face-to-Face With Our Human Nature

By Kit Watts

2 mins

Explore the power of face-to face-meetings 

Event design starts with your audience. On the surface, it would seem we are an industry and a community populated by “people persons”. In fact, human beings encompass different personality types, across several dimensions. But we are united by a common interest: to come together face to face.

We’ve gathered the latest industry research and discussions around meeting face-to-face, personality types, addressing re-entry anxiety and the healing power of our breath. As we work to create human-centric event experiences, discover how we design events around our human nature.

In this report we take a deep dive into our human nature, asking who we are post-pandemic, what we learned about ourselves, and how we can reconnect ‘in real life,’ in the healthiest and happiest of ways. Download the report now!

"In a business context, meeting face-to-face outperforms meeting virtually in so many different areas."

The role of human nature in experience design

This report looks at:

  • Designing events around human needs and well-being
  • Why live and face-to-face events will never be replaced
  • The ways that in-person events spark joy through our neurochemistry
  • The behavioral science of face-to-face meetings
  • Approaches to event safety
  • How to design events for a world of extroverts and introverts
  • Leading from a place of empathy
  • Tips for rethinking anxiety

And much more. Learn more about how to design human-centric meetings and events. Download Face-to-Face With Our Human Nature now!

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About the author

Before Kit became an IMEX employee in 2016, she was one of our PR consultants, so has been with us for 20 years.

Kit Watts

Communications Strategist