Getting to know Frankfurt: sustainability in the city

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Frankfurt’s vision and actions for a greener city

Discover what makes Frankfurt so sustainable and how you can be more sustainable during the show

Did you know that Frankfurt is one of the most sustainable cities in the world? The city has set a goal of reducing 50% of their CO2 emissions by 2030 and hopes to achieve this with a 10% reduction in emissions every five years.

At IMEX, we want to encourage everyone to join in on sustainability efforts; and where better than to venture into the world of sustainability than in one of the most sustainable cities?

Discover what makes Frankfurt so sustainable and how you can be more sustainable during the show.

Frankfurt skyscrapers

Photo credit: Frankfurt Convention Bureau

Sustainable choices when travelling:

With the meetings and events industry being full of frequent globetrotters, we’re sure you know exactly how you like to travel. However, would you ever consider disrupting those routines with sustainable choices? Making small changes while you travel can make a big impact on your overall sustainability.

Your faithful pair of comfy shoes for show floor walking. American meeting planners can’t get enough of Rothys for their comfort and the fact they’re made out of recycled plastic bottles! If you’re not lucky enough to find a local stockist, try Allbirds for size.

Your trusty luggage. If you’re on the market for a new suitcase, why not consider a more sustainable option? Samsonite’s Eco Range uses recycled plastic in its design, with many other companies doing the same. Charlie Feist is a popular and hard-wearing brand that uses recycled plastic bottles to create stylish and practical backpacks suitable for all travelling needs!

Your miniature toiletries. Although it’s nice to treat yourself to a set of new miniature products each time you travel, their packaging is very wasteful. You could invest in a set of reusable containers, or even go completely plastic free with solid shampoos and conditioners!

Looking to revamp your working wardrobe before IMEX Frankfurt? Second-hand websites such as Vinted, or for a more upscale option, Vestiaire Collective can not only save you money but give clothes a new lease of life.

What makes Frankfurt so sustainable?

With sustainability being close to our hearts, it’s wonderful to have our event hosted in a city that already does so much to reduce its environmental impact. Here are just a few need-to-knows before during your time in the city:

Frankfurt is hoping to be powered almost entirely by renewable sources by 2050. In order to reach this goal, many businesses are already making the switch, including Messe Frankfurt where our show is held! 2020 marked Messe Frankfurt’s switch to 100% renewable energy sources on their exhibition grounds, helping IMEX achieve an estimated elimination of 87 metric tons of CO2 emissions when compared to fossil fuel equivalents.

You’ll be delighted to hear that many locations across the city house beehives on their rooftops. Bees help to increase the biodiversity of the area, which is especially important for the local ecosystem to remain stable and balanced.

Frankfurt is surrounded by a Green Belt, which you may notice if you’re flying into the airport. Greenery makes up approximately a third of the city’s urban area, supporting its microclimate and reduces CO2 in the atmosphere.

The city has created a giant solar panel grid. On the roofs of 19 properties in Nordend, Heddernheim and Bockenheim there are nearly 3,000 m² of solar panels with an annual yield of around 300,000 kWh.

How can you be more sustainable during IMEX?

Although we send ZERO waste to landfill thanks to our waste donation program and the responsible recycling systems at Messe Frankfurt, there are still many ways that attendees and exhibitors can help in our efforts to create a more sustainable trade show:

We encourage everyone to bring reusable water bottles to the show and save on the waste that their single-use counterparts produce. Exhibitors around the show floor will have water refill stations on their stands for you to use.

There are lots of ways exhibitors can help in reducing our overall environmental impact, with plenty of examples in our Sustainable Exhibiting Guide. Here you’ll also find information about our Sustainability Pledge.

At the show, IMEX encourages choosing plant-based, waterwise and low carbon impact food. You can also challenge yourself to avoid single-use plastic cups, cutlery or other serviceware and opt for glass and china instead.

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