Feasting in Frankfurt: where to eat during your time at IMEX

By Irina Graf

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IMEX Frankfurt: our guide to the best eateries in the city

With the rise of bleisure tourism, many travelers seek local and authentic experiences of a destination. And Frankfurt is the perfect place to experience as a local, especially its food and drink scene. 

Now, I’m sure you’re very busy with planning your appointments and would appreciate any recommendations for what to do in your spare time. I’ve prepared a list of favorite places that you can explore while at IMEX Frankfurt, with your business partners or even alone. Since my move to nearby Heidelberg, I’ve had the chance to visit few bars and restaurants in Frankfurt and I’m happy to share them with you!

Dinner in Frankfurt

Breakfast in Frankfurt

If there is one place to kick off your day with a good breakfast, then it’s Ginkgo. You might not want to visit it in the mornings before the trade show as it opens at 9am, but if you stay an extra day it’s definitely worth a visit. Try their vegan breakfast option – it’s so delicious even non-vegans will enjoy it. Another house specialty is the home-made granola. Out of all the locations mentioned in this article, this is the one I’ve visited three times already and it’s always a pleasure to return. They also serve lunch and dinner which I have yet to try in the future. Located in the trendy Bornheim district, it’s a great part of the city for going out. Even if you don’t choose Ginkgo you still have plenty of restaurants, cafes and apple-wine taverns to choose from.

Food in Frankfurt

Lunch in Frankfurt

The Fressgass is Frankfurt’s pedestrian-friendly culinary mile. It’s most popular for lunches, but don’t worry if you miss the popular rush hour. The local bars and cafes also offer afternoon drinks and snacks and is perfect for experiencing the vibrant city center.

Dinner in Frankfurt

Mainnizza, the centrally located restaurant overlooking the river is a great option for dinner. It’s a hotspot for locals to enjoy modern German cuisine with an international twist. The cozy restaurant offers an indoor and outdoor space and even a space upstairs for private events. The food is simple yet elegantly presented with excellent service.

Further across the river I would recommend Trattoria i Siciliani. A small and cozy Italian restaurant that serves homemade Sicilian dishes. You might not be amazed by the restaurant from the outside, but the moment you step in you’ll be impressed by the themed décor and the friendly service. The restaurant is very small so I recommend making a reservation in advance.

Pizza in Frankfurt

For a taste of traditional German cuisine, I would suggest the Druckwasserwerk. It’s a well-known place among the IMEX community so you should check availability before heading there. They make delicious and very Instagrammable German food.

If you’ve already been to the Druckwasserwerk and are looking for another restaurant near the Messe, then try the Vietnamese restaurant Ong Tao. There’s a lovely terrace that you can enjoy on a May evening and relax after the busy day. They have very delicious smoothies, healthy food options and excellent vegetarian options.

Drinks in Frankfurt

Last but not least, the perfect after-work location is the Gaia. This bar/restaurant/event venue is in a prime location with stunning views of the Frankfurt skyline. Here, you can wind down after a successful day at the show and enjoy the view.

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