Seven tips to grow your personal brand in the events industry

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Personal branding for event professionals

In the events industry, a personal brand is paramount. Extending a brand beyond an organization can create opportunities to amplify you, your brand and your events. With a strong personal brand, the possibilities are endless. And there are always opportunities to expand your reach. Take advantage of blog guest spots, speaking opportunities, podcasts and more. These opportunities can help to put yourself, your brand and your events at the forefront of people's minds.  

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No matter what stage of your events career you’re at, personal branding is key to opening the door to dream opportunities. A personal brand is what you’re known for, what you stand for, and what you believe in. It’s the message you put out to the industry. 

How to stand out in the events industry

We asked regular IMEX speaker and personal branding rock star, Juliet Tripp, for her top tips.

1. Share your experience

Don’t feel held back by a lack of experience in the industry–you have the potential to share your thoughts right now. Speak from the experience you do have, not the experience you don’t have.

2. Create and maintain an online presence

Go to virtual events and participate in chats, blog about them afterwards, share trends and content from leaders in your niche area and those who inspire you. Doing this consistently will help to get your name out there!

3. Get your voice heard!

You can still be a thought leader if you’re an introvert who doesn’t like public speaking. Get your voice heard through social media and find opportunities to share your thoughts in blogs and articles.

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4. Be confident

Confidence is a choice – nobody is born with it. Learn ways to develop your confidence and own the room.

5. Networking in person and online

Make a point of connecting with other people in your niche by attending events or through LinkedIn (remember to reach out in a personalized way!). Think about how you serve others and how you show up for them to create a community.

6. Work on your elevator pitch

This is essentially who you are, what you do, who you serve and how you serve them – wrapped up into a short and snappy introduction. Once you have this, use it to introduce yourself online and offline.

7. Seek out opportunities to speak

This could include hosting a meeting in work, speaking in a meeting to share your thoughts or volunteering to present group project work. All can help increase your presence and confidence.

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These are just a few examples for building your brand, but the most important thing to remember is to believe in yourself! No one is you and that’s your superpower.

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