Maximize your presence at events and exhibitions with these social media tips

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Social media tips to boost your presence at events and exhibitions

Any person or organization that wants to standout should learn how to leverage the power of social media.

Social media can be a powerful tool for personal, professional and event promotion. Using platforms such as LinkedIn for promotion can tap into audiences and communities that might not exist offline. B2B social platform, LinkedIn, is a great place to find communities and expose people to you and your brand. People bring their true and professional selves to LinkedIn. And are always willing to learn something new–or find events and people that further their professional lives.

Sharing content such as blogs, videos, and images, pre-, during, and post-event can engage an audiences. Content marketing via LinkedIn can increase brand awareness and develop year-round engagement. It also helps to increase attachment to your brand and events.

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Here are five easy steps to gaining the most traction using social media marketing for your event.

1. Identify your audiences

In advance of the event identify three distinct audiences:

  • Prospects: organizations or individuals who are attending the event
  • Remote prospects: people who are interested but who can’t attend the event
  • Influencers: those who can help you reach even more prospects through the power of their networks

Make sure you ‘follow’ speakers, bloggers, and other influencers attending the event. Engage with them once the event is live by resharing their content. And, where possible, bridge the online to the offline gap by arranging to meet in person.

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Bonus tip: Engage prospects who can’t attend by sharing some of your best content. In this way, you’re providing people with an adapted virtual event experience.

2. Share visual content

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially online. Visuals, including videos, are an excellent way to stand out. A few high-quality pictures can generate interest and help to grow your business.

3. Share statistics and data

Speakers often share valuable statistics and data. Sharing the quantifiable metrics of any presentation is an extremely valuable way to lend credibility to your brand.

Bonus tip: Statistics and data, especially when presented as infographics, can be shared time and time again. Always reshare your best content!

4. Live blog

This may be the hardest task at any event; however, it may also offer the best results.

Live blogging can simply be sharing snippets online from education sessions. It’s a simple way to share valuable content that is likely to interest your prospects, especially those who are remote. Sharing quotes and links to presentations also builds a relationship with speakers. Remember to mention them via their handles along with the event hashtag and their full name.

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5. Rework the content

Having mastered social media, you should have amassed an impressive collection of content. This can be repurposed and revamped in multiple ways to create a recap of the event. Combine videos, slide decks, and articles to highlight the best of the event!

Bonus tip: Your recap post should be published soon after the event.

Success on social media at an event requires organization, strategy, and focus. If you can pull it off, it’s enormously rewarding, and you’ll learn a great deal about your audience along the way.

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