IMEX Frankfurt attendees can now balance their carbon footprint

14 May 2024

Attendees at IMEX Frankfurt taking place this week can now make a positive climate contribution by ‘balancing’ their travel to and from the show.

IMEX is working with ​​Cloverly, the leading platform for climate action, to give attendees the opportunity to buy carbon credits from a choice of impactful sustainability projects. This option is now available for all registered attendees – both buyers and exhibitors - at both IMEX Frankfurt and IMEX America, starting from IMEX Frankfurt 2024 onwards.

Once logged in to their individual IMEX account, attendees can see their estimated carbon footprint​,​ which they can then choose to offset by investing in a selection of carbon credit projects from around the world.

Attendees can invest in any one of these three projects individually, or choose from the IMEX portfolio, which blends them together. They are all high-quality, having undergone a thorough quality and risk evaluation by Cloverly’s own team of scientists. IMEX’s blended portfolio enables donations to be spread across different projects, including a highly innovative biochar project. Biochar* is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ of carbon removal, but one that’s out of reach to many individuals under normal carbon offsetting conditions.

The projects are:​ ​

  • Novocarbo Biochar: Located within minutes of Messe Frankfurt, IMEX’s Frankfurt’s venue, this innovative project produces biochar* which stores carbon for hundreds of years.
  • Katingan: This Indonesian project protects and restores 149,800 hectares of tropical peat swamp forest - an area that’s rich in biodiversity and home to endangered species.
  • Trees for Global Benefit: An award-winning reforestation project which empowers Ugandan families to engage in tree planting and reforestation, while delivering socioeconomic benefits to the rural communities. 
  • Photo: Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group. Download image here
  • Photo: Jason Rubottom, CEO of Cloverly. Download image here

Carina Bauer, CEO of the IMEX Group, says: “Through our work with Cloverly, we’re enabling our show attendees to play an active part in addressing climate change. It's now clear that in addition to reducing emissions, which IMEX is already working on, the world urgently also needs to remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it permanently. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), carbon removals are now unavoidable to get to net zero by 2050 - and we can all play our part in making a collective positive impact. 

“Our partnership with Cloverly represents an important milestone for IMEX on our journey to achieving net zero ahead of the 2050 timeline set out in the Paris Agreement. We’re also demonstrating our commitment by investing in these portfolios to mitigate emissions from our own team’s travel to the shows.”

“Cloverly is proud to help IMEX take climate action by empowering its event attendees to purchase highly vetted carbon credits,” says Jason Rubottom, CEO of Cloverly. “Each credit has undergone thorough quality and risk evaluation by our climate science team, allowing IMEX attendees to feel confident that their offset contribution is making a positive - and critical - climate impact.”

With the widest selection of high-quality carbon credit projects in the world, Cloverly is trusted by more than 300​ leading businesses across many industries, including financial services, logistics, travel and ecommerce.  

IMEX’s net zero roadmap is detailed here. IMEX Frankfurt takes place May 14 – 16. To register – for free – click here. 

*'Biochar' is a catch-all term describing any organic material that has been carbonized under high temperatures (300-1000°C), in the presence of little, or no oxygen. Biochar is used to sequester carbon.

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