Google Xi CoLaboratory brings ‘design-thinking sprints’ to IMEX Frankfurt

01 May 2024

Event professionals at IMEX Frankfurt are invited to collaborate with Google to learn and discover more about inclusive experience design. The Google Experience Institute (Xi) team is returning to the show, taking place May 14 – 16, hosting a series of ‘design-thinking sprints’ at the Google Xi CoLaboratory.

Planners are invited to put theory into practice by sharing details of an upcoming project or event – with the potential to develop a case study in partnership with Google Xi. These case studies will be progressed throughout the year at various industry events, culminating with a showcase at IMEX America in October.

The ‘design-thinking sprints’ take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday of the show with a wrap-up session on the final day, Thursday May 16. These highly practical sessions focus on real-world scenarios, bringing people together to put Google Xi’s tools into practice:

  • Using Data to Inform Human-Centered Design : apply principles from the latest Google Xi research to the main touchpoints of any attendee journey and learn how to apply best practices.
  • Strategy Mapping: Develop Human Centered Design Solutions : confront barriers and obstacles and identify solutions using human-centered design principles. Use “How Might We?” provocations to map out a strategic approach and a clear path for applying Google Xi’s latest frameworks.
  • Photo: Megan Henshall, Global Events Strategic Solutions Lead at Google. Click here to download image.
  • Photo: Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX. Click here to download image.

Teamwork sits at the heart of these sessions as Megan Henshall, Global Events Strategic Solutions Lead at Google, explains: “For an event to be truly successful, it must foster belonging, create community and generate meaning. We’re inviting event professionals to share their experiences and become active collaborators in our discovery work rooted in inclusive experience design. The aim is for them to walk away empowered to augment and accentuate inclusive experiences that meet both human and business objectives.

IMEX CEO, Carina Bauer, adds: “An estimated 1.3 billion people – that’s 16 per cent of the global population – have a disability, so as event designers it’s our duty to ensure that the experiences we create are as inclusive as possible. There’s a challenging balancing act in providing an engaging experience that works for everyone when individual needs are so incredibly varied. We know that the Google Xi community has made great strides in this area and their own brand of collaborative learning is sure to spark insight and action among our attendees.”

Google Xi launched in 2021, bringing together a multi-disciplinary coalition of experts to help bridge the gap between neurodivergent experiences and practical actions that event and experience designers can take to create more welcoming and inclusive environments.

The Google Xi CoLaboratory is part of a series of experience design sessions at IMEX Frankfurt 2024. The show takes place May 14 - 16 – register here.

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