Understanding the events industry: what is a destination management company

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Why you should use a destination management company for your events

Planning an international event in a destination you’re not familiar with can be stressful. And involves coordinating a lot of spinning plates! It can take months of planning to pull off a successful event. Not to mention liaising with an unpredictable number of local suppliers and companies to make sure the event runs smoothly. A destination management company (DMC) can streamline this process. Using their expertise, they can create unique events for your attendees.

So, what is a DMC?

A DMC provides professional services for planning and producing events. They link together a network of local suppliers and travel agencies.

Why use a DMC?

Benefit from local area expertise:

DMCs usually operate from the destination where you wish to host your event. They have in-depth knowledge of the local area, including its venues, vendors, customs and culture. They make sure that your event taps into the best of what the destination has to offer.

What types of corporate events can DMCs help with?

Conferences and meetings:

Enlisting the help of a DMC your conference can benefit from expert venue selection and meticulous program execution. DMCs can tailor business events such as retreats, board meetings and summits to meet and excel your business goals.

Incentive travel and events:

A DMC's local expertise can create unforgettable, bespoke incentive travel experiences. From personalized itineraries to luxury experiences steeped in local culture.

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What are the main benefits of partnering with a DMC?

A DMC can make your event planning stress-free (or at least less stressful!).

Save money and time:

DMCs save you time and money. They can use their relationships with local businesses to negotiate better rates. And manage logistics on your behalf. Partnering with a DMC who can source, liaise with and book vendors saves you countless hours of event planning.

Offer creative solutions for your events:

DMCs bring fresh eyes to your event planning. Creative solutions are where a DMC’s local knowledge can be used to its full extent. They can offer experiences to your attendees that you may not have known about or considered. They can offer experiences that reflect the local culture all while meeting your specific event objectives.

Mitigating risks to your event:

DMCs are excellent at risk mitigation. With their knowledge of local regulations and laws they can effectively manage risks and any pre-show or onsite issues that you may encounter. They can provide peace of mind and security for your event and your attendees.

What services can a DMC provide?

Sourcing venues in your destination:

A DMCs in-depth local knowledge means they’re well equipped to source venues that fit your event needs and align with your goals.

Help with travel and transportation:

DMCs can handle travel logistics. This includes airport arrivals and transportation by liaising with local vendors such as taxi companies to ensure a smooth journey for your attendees. They can also help you plan travel with your attendees’ needs in mind, such as accessible or sustainable arrangements. 

Managing the event:

DMCs are event professionals too! From planning to execution, DMCs can ensure seamless event experiences in any capacity you wish. DMCs are flexible and can fit their services to suit your needs. They can just handle vendor contracts or sourcing. Or manage the event entirely on your behalf from the smallest details to the bigger picture. They can create bespoke and memorable events that meet and exceed your event objectives.

Offer options for and source accommodations:

DMCs can offer you options for hotels and resorts that meet your attendees' expectations and needs that you might not have known about. Their knowledge of local hotels can give you options for luxury hotels and unique resorts and inns that keep you on budget while impressing your attendees.

Providing entertainment for your attendees:

DMCs can manage not only the logistics of your event but also the fun! They can plan cultural, unique and memorable entertainment that your attendees won’t forget. This includes guided tours of the local area, cruises such as river cruises, luxury safaris, day excursions and more.

How to choose a DMC

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There are several things to take into consideration when choosing which DMC to work with. Their experience, reputation, and the range of the services they offer are all important factors. Make sure you look for a company that aligns with your own company’s values–and understands the vision for your event.

A DMC can become an invaluable partner for any corporate planner. Their expertise can transform events. DMCs are invaluable in helping you to create memorable events and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

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